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About the Assist-A-Family Registry

"I thank God everyday for sending the Fans Across America™ Charitable Foundation to us. Your Foundation gave my family a chance to catch our breath, something we haven't been able to do for some time now. All of you are truly heaven sent. I'm so very grateful for all you did for us. God bless all of you and please keep praying for Rosie. Much love to all." -Jackie Garcia, Rosie's mom

Everyday, people register to receive gifts for their wedding or a new baby. But what can a family with a seriously ill or special needs child do when they are in need of life assistance as a result of the child's illness?

Fans Across America™ Founder Bruce Petillo established Fans in 2006 to assist families with Seriously Ill and Special needs Children partnering with Phoenix Children's Hospital working with these families in need as a result of the financial burdens created by their child's serious illness.

"We thank God for this Foundation, which enabled our family to continue to persevere throughout the toughest moments of our lives. God bless Fans Across America™!" -Patricia Rodriguez, Leslie's mom

The Fans Across America™ Charitable Foundation provides personalized Assist-A-Family packages upon availability to families with seriously ill and special needs children. Based on the current needs of the family, Assist-A-Family packages may include:

  • Toiletries
  • New and gently used baby and children's clothes
  • Household items
  • Gift cards (i.e. groceries, household products, gas)
  • Service certificates (i.e. auto service)

"Without the support of charitable foundations such as Fans Across America™, families with seriously ill children would fall into a financial abyss. What once may have been a 'normal life' ends with diagnosis. Parents often have to take extended, unpaid leaves from their employment to be with their children during long hospitalizations and months of complicated treatments. The Fans Across America™ Charitable Foundation helps remove a significant portion of this financial burden, freeing families to focus on their child's health." -Gina DeGraw, Social Worker, Phoenix Children's Hospital

The child's physician, treating hospital, social worker or other non-profit organization refers families in need of assistance to Fans Across America™. An application is submitted to Fans Across America™ along with information about the child's illness and a checklist of the family's current needs. Once the application is reviewed and the family is selected for assistance, an Assist-A-Family package is created and presented to the family.

A variety of factors are taken into consideration when selecting families to assist:

  • Degree of illness
  • Referrals
  • Family's financial status

These criteria do not exclude families, but they do allow us to provide assistance to those families with the most dire needs first.

There are no limits to the number of Assist-A-Family packages a child and family can receive; however, it is our objective to provide as much support to as many families in need as possible. We focus our assistance efforts in the State of Arizona.

To request information about adding a family to the Assist-A-Family Registry, please email us at


What would you do if your child was diagnosed with a serious illness or faced homelessness?

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution or ongoing pledge and help Fans Across America make a difference in the lives of the families we serve.