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All-Stars Among Us

People/MLB All-Stars Among Us
MLB All-Star Game

Thanks to all of your votes and support, Fans Across America™ Charitable Foundation Founder Bruce Petillo won the People Magazine and Major League Baseball All-Stars Among Us campaign and represented the Arizona Diamondbacks at the 2009 All-Star Game in St. Louis.

"It was an honor and privilege to win the All-Stars Among Us program. In St. Louis, I was inspired and humbled by the 29 other winners representing each Major League team. I have brought these amazing people back with me, and their passion and example will help the Fans Across America Charitable Foundation soar to new heights."

Bruce Petillo -- Fans Across America Founder

Five US Presidents Pay Tribute to the All-Stars Among Us

Following, please find information about the other All-Stars Among Us winners. You will discover amazing people who have sacrificed and endured to help make the world we live in a better place.

Baltimore Orioles
Frank Kolarek

Arizona Diamondbacks
Bruce Petillo

Boston Red Sox
Rob Dixon

Atlanta Braves
Ryan Housley

Chicago White Sox
Joe Schmitz

Chicago Cubs
Erin Leyden

Cleveland Indians
Dr. Michael Konstan

Cincinnati Reds
Sherri Friedman

Detroit Tigers
Kathleen Brooks

Colorado Rockies
Darrell Scott

Kansas City Royals
John Lair

Florida Marlins
Kristen Malfars

Los Angeles Angels
Christine Shively

Houston Astros
Gary Lynn

Minnesota Twins
Marylou Krest

Los Angeles Dodgers
Barbara Palilis

New York Yankees
Michael Pesci
Christina Pesci

Milwaukee Brewers
Loyal Mehnert

Oakland A's
Duane Silverstein

New York Mets
Tara Suri

Seattle Mariners
Leo McCarthy

Philaddelphia Phillies
Brad Hennefer

Tampa Bay Rays
Tommy Timberlake

Pittsburgh Pirates
Matt Kuntz

Texas Rangers
Ben Sater

St. Louis Cardinals
Julieann Najar
Toronto Blue Jays
Melanie Burton

San Diego Padres
Richar Nares


San Francisco Giants
Kendra Robins


Washington Nationals
Dr. John Glaspy


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