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Victims of Domestic Violence

Victims of Domestic Violence

Victims of Domestic Violence

Children Coping with Family Violence and living in Violent Homes statistically are prone to school dropout, teen pregnancy, being abused or being an abuser, runaways, substance abuse, sexual assaults, date rape, and violence at school and food addictions. Providing love, care and education for these children is the starting point for their success in a non violent upbringing.

Providing a safe haven for the women and their children who are victims of this horrible crime helps them empower themselves through education, determination, allowing them to an independent life free from domestic abuse.

FANS assists these Homeless Victims through Shelters and Group Homes by providing infant though adult clothing, living essentials, school supplies /backpacks and also provides holiday gifts for the kids residing in the shelter or Group Home on Christmas Day. FANS also coordinates with Shelter Case Workers when a lady and her child /children are transitioned to temporary or permanent housing. FANS provides necessary household items, personal and dental hygiene items, hair care products, towels, bedding, and other available items necessary to start a new violent free life.

Fans relys on the generosity of individuals, employee drives, corporate support, civic organizations and fundraisers to acquire the essential items we provide for the ladies and children we assist, Homeless Victims of Domestic Violence.


What would you do if your child was diagnosed with a serious illness or faced homelessness?

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