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Jalal Leach: San Francisco Giants

S.L.I.D.E. Youth Baseball Foundation

Former San Francisco Giant Jalal Leach, in addition to running the Baseball Mentoring Program, Chairs the S.L.I.D.E. Youth Baseball Foundation's Advisory Committee.

The Following is a brief overview of S.L.I.D.E.

A community based, non-profit organization, with a mission to cultivate a better understanding and appreciation for baseball among our youth by developing their athletic skills, motivating them to achieve excellence in academics and developing in them the mental strength needed to succeed both on and off the field.

In the end our objective is to motivate youth in underserved communities to stay in school, graduate high school and to assist in helping our student athletes secure scholarships to attend college, or, guide them into a career in professional baseball.

Meet with the Baseball team and coaches on a bi-weekly basis to facilitate an open dialogue with student-athletes about school progress, baseball conditioning and skill training, character development, higher education options, career opportunities, etc. Schedule periodic guest speakers to discuss a variety of life experiences in the areas of athletics, education, community service and future occupations.

Professional Baseball Training:
Provide student-athletes and coaches with advanced baseball conditioning and skill regime. Working with school coaches, coordinate activities to fit the coaching philosophy within existing baseball program.

Periodically, bring in baseball professionals – coaches, players, administrators – to work with student-athletes and to discuss their experiences and career options in baseball

Provide outside opportunities for student-athletes to participate in off-season and summer competitive baseball skill training and tournament baseball.

College Entry Preparation:
Using in-house school counselors and/or outside resources, create an informational pathway that will lead a student-athlete from high school to an appropriate institution of higher learning.

This preparation should include information on local, state and national colleges and universities, high school curriculum requirements, college placement testing, financial aid opportunities and potential athletic scholarships.

Community Service Project:
Engage the student-athletes and coaches to participate in a community volunteer program of their choice, allowing them to give back to their community and to give to those who will follow in their footsteps.

Programs could include, neighborhood and school clean-ups, youth baseball clinics, food drives, senior visitations, youth mentoring and many more.

This program will give the student-athletes, as a group, the opportunity to choose a team project relevant to them and to their community and provide them with the guidance to make good, productive choices.

** College Baseball Recruiting Program:
Working through the Baseball Mentoring Program of Sacramento, (BMP) a select player or players will be enrolled, with services to include professional player evaluations, player video samples and consultation with players on higher education preferences.

BMP representatives will contact college coaches across the country to provide them with player information and will also provide opportunities for players to showcase their talents to college coaches

** Optional program

For more information about S.L.I.D.E, CLICK HERE or call 916-502-3412 .

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