FANS Family Services

fans-family-servicesWhile many FANS clients receive supportive services through other agencies, the daily living essentials provided via the FANS Locker Room in Chandler, Arizona fill the unmet gap in services that are not available through other nonprofits or State and Federally funded programs.

FANS is a trusted and reliable referral source for Homeless Youth, Homeless Families in Transition, families fleeing domestic violence and Homeless Veterans. Many families served at the FANS Locker Room were once self-sufficient, employed, and providing for family. Illness, personal or family tragedy, loss of employment, domestic violence, divorce, inability to find employment returning from the military, create conditions that can lead quickly to the loss of a place to call home. Homeless Families face the daunting challenges often at the cost of dignity and safety.

family-servicesIn 2019 over 500 Families ,1200 Children and 200 Victims & Children of Domestic Violence were referred to, and assisted, at the FANS Locker Room in Chandler AZ. All referred clients to FANS are assisted with the highest of confidentiality, respect, dignity and care.