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Every day families struggle with financial obligations and the daily living necessities of their family. Fans Across America Charitable Foundation is a volunteer driven Chandler, Arizona IRS section 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Organization that assists in providing daily living necessities for homeless students, families in transition and victims of domestic violence. We measure success by the number of families and students in need that we assist and how quickly we respond to their needs.

Filling the need

Initially Fans was created to assist families that struggle with the financial burden brought on by the care of a seriously ill or special needs child.

In 2010 FANS became aware of the increasing number of Homeless Students and Homeless Families in Transition within the Chandler Unified School District. In an effort to fill the gap and provide help for those in need, FANS stepped in and now assists Homeless Students / Families in Transition within the Chandler Unified School District and other Valley School Districts and Social Service Agencies to support and advocate for families to keep children in school. In 2012 FANS pledged support to Victims of Domestic Violence and their children residing in Shelters. FANS provides basic daily living necessities allowing families to use their limited financial resources for priorities such as food and shelter.

Most of these families have one common goal, keeping their children in school, for they realize the value of an education and its effects on their child's future.

“ICAN partners with Fans Across America to assist our referred families with their daily living necessities. This critical partnership has allowed our families to quickly fill their basic needs. Additionally Fans Across America add significant value to our after school and our youth programming services providing personal and dental hygiene kits to be distributed to our kids. ICAN takes pride in partnering with Fans Across America for the outstanding and dedicated service they provide our Chandler youth in need.“ -Becky Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, ICAN
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